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Talented and Inspirational speakers from around the globe

Posted by Wednesday, 07-17-2019

Lovine Mboya

A writer, digital content creator, and freelance communications consultant; with a lot of her time spent writing people's stories, and trying to figure out the digital world on behalf of clients.  

Posted by Monday, 07-15-2019

Paragi Bhavsar

A globally trained Certified magento developer having over 6 years of experience. Opportunistic and anticipating e-commerce industry in Africa. Happily married, Fun lover, a passionate cook and idea-tor of novel e-business. 

Posted by Wednesday, 07-15-2015

Shadrack Serem

Serem is the CTO/Founder at Netrix Business Systems, Co-founder CMS Africa and part of organisation team for JoomlaDay Kenya

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