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Software development with Joomla!

It is thought that with Joomla! it is possible to develop only websites. In reality, high-level management software can also be implemented, allowing the developer to concentrate on the main functions as Joomla! already contains basic elements such as ACL management. How to use Joomla! framework to develop web-based advanced management software.

Additional Info

  • Designation: Internet & Social Media consultant
  • About: Over the years Alessandro has perfected and expanded my marketing and web development skills, I studied in depth Joomla! CMS and its potential, and he was involved in spreading the use of open-source systems and software. In April 2018 I co-founded Joomla! User Group Lanciano. Currently his main activity is the promotion of contents (articles,products, services, people) through both traditional and web marketing channels, providing a personalized service specifically designed for each different situation. Alessandro has been part of Multi Media Hermes since 2012, first as a collaborator and since January 2018 as a member of Multi Media Hermes S.r.l.. In 2015 their main software, CariGest, was launched: it is a management software developed for charitable organizations, specially Diocesan Caritas, for the purpose to facilitate the management of the services they provide.
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